Useful Articles about Computer Work Automation


1. Pixel Control - a New Range of AutoClickExtreme Opportunities

        Pixel Control allows AutoClickExtreme to find the needed images on the screen and to bind mouse events to these images. With this unique technology, AutoClickExtreme cannot execute incorrect events; it achieves 100% reliability.

2. Replay Branches - the Key to Success

        All Pixel Control drawbacks are eliminated by Replay Branches with alternative images. For each image of Pixel Control, you can add lots of alternative images, as many as you like. The program will perform a certain sequence of actions depending on the found image.

3. The Mechanism of Window Search During Script Replay.

        In this article you can read about window search mechanism of AutoClickExtreme. How the program always manages to click on the right button (or any other interface element you need), even if the window position changes. AutoClickExtreme also controls the window in focus, that's why you don't have to worry about which window is in focus before the replay.

4. Automated Software Testing

        In this article you can read about automated software testing with the help of AutoClickExtreme. You'll only have to replay the needed Records to make sure that your program works properly or to find bugs in minutes.

5. Automated Software Test Articles

        This is  a review of several articles about automated software tests. All the articles are written by experienced specialists in software testing.

6. In Search of the Most Reliable and Simple Program to Automate User's Actions

        To find the most simple and reliable automation software, about 30 programs were tested. The following three criteria were taken into consideration: accuracy, flexibility, and quickness of reproducing the recorded actions. Only two programs, including AutoClickExtreme, fit all three requirements.

7. How to Automate Repetitive Actions on Your Computer 

       [Translation of an independent article, placed on Boris Lion’s site (2008, June 21; Boris Lion wrote it of his own accord.] In this article, Boris Lion describes ways of using automation software to automate computer work. He lists several valuable ideas about the use of AutoClickExtreme.

8. How AutoClickExtreme Works

        Here you can read about the main principles guiding the workings of AutoClickExtreme: The way hot keys can be used to make work easier and how AutoClickExtreme can help you create and enable macros in Microsoft Excel or any other program.

9. The Command line Is a Useful Heritage from MS DOS

        The command line plays a key role in computer work optimization (automation). Type several lines in cmd.exe or save them in *.bat files and you have a fully-functioning program, which saves you from boring routine actions. The article describes five examples of command line use. They were gathered from different sources and can be used both at work and at home.

 10. Shortfalls of AutoClickExtreme

        Here you can read about programs in which Record (Play) are difficult or impossible to carry out and about ways to solve the problem.

 11. How I Use AutoClickExtreme 

        (This article is written by Mark Soares.) A registered user shares his AutoClickExtreme experience with others. He explains the way AutoClickExtreme helps him to do computer work and save time. He also gives his two main reasons for choosing ACE.