AutoClickExtreme is ShareWare. After 20 days of using the program, you'll have access only to the simple view. When you register the program, all limitations will be taken away. AutoClickExtreme is, in essence, a keylogger, so many antivirus programs will warn you about it. (A keylogger is a program which collects information about a user's actions.) Nevertheless, AutoClickExtreme does NOT TRANSMIT any information to the Internet. This fact can be proved by any program that monitors the Internet activity of applications, so there is NO DANGER in using AutoClickExtreme!

Version Date Size Link
AutoClickExtreme 6.32.0 for 32/64 bit Windows 2020.05.05 4.9 Mb download
AutoClickExtreme 5.56 2010.12.15 2.4 Mb download


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Lesson: How to Automatically Fill In a Web Form

In this video lesson you’ll learn how to automatically submit a program to one of the biggest software archives FreeDownLoadCenter. This lesson is useful not only for program developers, but also for those who often have to fill in a web form. Here you’ll learn how to automate this process.



Lesson: How to Automate File Downloading from Youtube

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Lesson: How to Use Replay Branches in AutoClickExtreme

In this video lesson you will learn how to automate free downloading from Rapidshare or DepositFiles with the help of AutoClickExtreme.  To download files free of charge from Rapidshare or DepositFiles, you should at least be near your computer every time the downloading of a new file begins. Moreover, there can be other problems like lack of free slots for free users or some other problems…In this video lesson you will learn step by step how to automate downloading from a number of links. It’s enough to save them in a notepad file and to leave AutoClickExtreme autoclicker for the whole night without your assistance. Everything will be ready in the morning. You can download the lesson in good quality and smaller size here, or you can watch it on-line now:


Presentation for corporate customers or for office workers (2 Mb)

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