Client Testimonials.

    We have clients from all over the world. Most of them are satisfied by our program and have sent us their comments about it. You can read some of our client testimonials below:

  •     I need a few copies. I use you software to test a new project. I have also recommended AutoClick to the bank where I work. The QA and UAT people there keep on keying and keying test data over and over again. Your only competition is IBM's Rational Rose and that doesn't work as well as yours. And it costs lots of money …. I have been in the computer software business since 1973. I have been waiting for software like AutoClick for a long time. I have seen many solutions come and go, never anything useful. Sell your software for a higher price. Your low price gives people the idea that your software is sub-standard where in fact it is not. It is fantastic. I work for one of the largest banks in Indonesia and they would not buy anything priced under $500 per copy… About your software: It makes me happy because testing is miserable work, very repetitive. And 600 menu items to test. I want to use AutoClickExtreme for: test scripts, demo work, system integrity…I see AutoClick Extreme as a "rough diamond". If you wrote this you are a clever man. I will keep on using your software and give you as much feedback as possible.
        Johan Vermeij


  •     I’ve never used software of this kind before, to start with. Well, actually, I often use macros and other automation means everywhere I can to optimize my work. But, as a rule, all of them are limited by separate applications. In other words, I use one means in Word, some other - in Photoshop, etc. But this is the first time I’ve used a universal automation program. Now about the program itself. I should admit, I’m very pleased with it. It’s the dynamics I like about the program. I haven’t looked for similar solutions in the Internet, but the idea itself is in the spirit of a Russian man; creative approach and wide bounds. Besides, the bounds are so wide that when you come to think about automating the whole computer work, the brain tears into pieces! It would seem, that you can be thinking about the automation strategy for the whole month. But it’s easier to automate small simple tasks first, they would acquire more and more branches as time goes by and blend into larger tasks. It’s great that the program is flexible enough to provide this…
    In particular, I’d like to comment upon the image recognition on the screen! The idea to realize this function is a rare success! I respect Denis for that! The sensation from what you see on the screen when the task is being replayed is like the one if you see the work of an artificial brain. (And it is stronger, if a person has no idea how it is realized, and how this “stupid” computer can do such things. I showed it to one guy… and he looked really impressed )))
    I have only positive impressions of using the program, though I haven’t managed to have a more thorough look at it yes (unfortunately, have little time for that).
        Yegor Sechin


  •      Mr. Denis Safonov.
    Firstly I hope you are doing well!! After much searching on the internet for an auto clicker and trials of various programs I must say that yours is simply the best out there!! I had it setup to run through emails and it was working perfectly.
        Shane Hur


  •     I’m used to your program a lot and I advise it to the system administrators I know. It really helps with routine work. I was on vocation for two weeks, the program worked instead of me ok, it was sending some files. So, I wasn’t even once called back to work during this time.
        Andrew L


  •     My name is Martin.
    I’d like to thank you for creating such a wonderful program. I sincerely think that your program is a unique, universal and safe tool, able to solve such a wide range of tasks, that I can surely list it among the 5 most useful software products that I’ve ever known.
        Sigutkin Martin.


  •     The program is good, I like it a lot. Thank you again for the program.
    I use ACE in the game RF Online. The old version 4.76 didn’t want to work with it, but the version number 5.09 works without problems. I’ll send you more of my thoughts and remarks concerning the program later. The program is worth working with.
        Vladimir Kurov.


  •     Good evening!
    Not long ago I needed a program that can repeat actions of a PC user and that doesn’t require his constant presence, which makes you free from routine actions and saves your time. The search of such a software showed that there are very few programs of such a kind. And those which exist are either too complicated (especially if you need it just for a few times) or too simple without the needed flexibility. And, moreover, they are not in Russian. Actually, it’s not a big problem for me. But tastes differ… When I came across your program, I was glad that the interface can be used in Russian. But at the same time, I had a thought that our Russian developers can create nothing worth, and for such a low price, practically free. And if to speak about the demo version – completely free. I thought it would turn out to be such a complicated tool like Photoshop ))). But having installed it on my computer I was pleasantly surprised. To say this is to say nothing! Most of all I like Pixel Control, which allows to create Replay branches and controls whether they are correct. It's especially useful if you work in the Internet – each page needs it’s own time to get updated. And if you set a too long pause, it turns out that it’s faster to carry out the same actions manually. Now I use this program and even don’t want to try any other. I haven’t grasped all the opportunities yet, but what I can do with it is enough for me now. If I have other things to do later – I’ll learn how to automate them too. Of course, there are some remarks, wishes, difficulties, but the project is developing and I hope won’t stop improving…
    …I don’t want to use such a useful program without paying for it. I think each work should be paid for. All the more, it’s to my taste. But I admit that if the autoclicker cost a huge sum of money, I would not buy it. I’m not yet ready to pay much for a software each year, but I think once I could buy it. But it’s another question. Now that you’ve made the program cheaper, I will buy it.


  •     Good afternoon, Denis.
    This is Alex. I bought your program several months ago and I’m pleased with it so far. Well done. But if you added some elementary Basic in it like variables, cycles and transitions – the program would be priceless!
        Alex Kulik


  •     Hi. I respect you for creating such a program, you are an excellent developer! But if you made it more “humane” – with more pleasant interface, which is intuitively comprehensible, and exe file generation, I think the program would sell better…
        Maxim Fedosov.


  •     Hello, Denis_Safonov.
    I’ve come across your product by chance today, though I was looking for such a program for a long time before. After using it for several hours I’ve understood that it’s the one I need.


  •     Hello.
    I like you program a lot. The professional view is like the second Exel…
        Sergey Udochkin.


  •     Good whatever time of day it is!
    You’ve definitely made a breakthrough in IT with you program. I’m so grateful to you, thanks to you any person can create a bon himself, which is very convenient. The program is still a little raw, but already very effective. To be honest, I’ve just started to get to know the abilities of the program. It’s sort of all for now. If there are any problems I’ll contact you, but on the whole the program is super genius! Thank you very much. I used nnCron before, but Pixel Control is a real thing! There was never anything like that before!
        Michael Petrov


  •     Hello. The program is very good, but some things still lack for comfortable work.
        Sergey Kondratyuk


  •     Good afternoon, Denis.
    I’ve bought one more license. Now I work on two notebooks at the same time.
    Every day I find more and more of new possible tasks, that can be solved with the help of your “miraculous feature”.
        Dmitriy Kuritsyn.


  •     I’m a 47 year old pensioner…Several weeks ago I came across your program by chance. I was very happy and started to study it. The approach is good but there are some details that will be in the way when you continue to develop the program. Which will lead to rewriting of the sources…I’m very happy that you’ve managed to do a useful thing for people. The program is very useful.
        Vladimir Velichko


  •     This is what I think. I guess this ACE should be in top 5 of most downloaded macros. This may help the choice for who needs something fast and effective for routine. I have been searching for macros and in the beginning i thought this ACE wouldn't work here because it is Russian and my language is Portuguese. But it accepted perfectly my keyboard settings. Other macros are sample and easy but don't allow you to change nothing. Things are much easier and also safe with ACE. I discovered that other macros may do things very fast ACE is sample and it is done already have the internet. This safety + velocity is what make my choice for ACE...And the most important is that the program takes care in order not to do things wrong, send e-mail to other person. It just stop the action.. I am not good with lot of tasks and sometimes things go wrong, but ACE can recognize that things are different and it stop doing the actions...It always asks to save old settings, then you just click 1 button and do faster and better macros saving all them (even if you forget to save the program will ask you to). Even when it is not possible to be done I can make the work much easier and secure by asking the program to open a check-list. You can also ask it to do at certain times in specific days. It is more or less like you have 3 slaves working for you and they don't sleep but they don't get tired and they take some care...
        Mark Soares