How AutoClickExtreme Works

      AutoClickExtreme is an auto clicker. It is used to automate repeated actions on a computer. At first, you might think you won't use AutoClickExtreme often. You might say, "I don't need an auto clicker; I always do different things. My work on computer is unique." And that’s true. For the most part, our work is unique. But even when we are doing our unique work, we try to work out some simple and logical system which will help us to reach the result earlier. When we see that our system works, we feel happy. But when, day after day, we do the same things according to this system, we come to conclusion that it’s boring. Now we can give this task to AutoClickExtreme. It will do everything itself according to a worked out plan.

      Once a friend of mine joked that I would soon be out of work, because I did very little – my program performed most of the needed actions. And it really did, even though my manager told me that there were no repeated actions in my work and auto clickers wouldn't help. So, I did all the necessary tasks manually, until I worked out a simple system. Then I started to automate my work, and several days later I did most of it with hot keys.

       Some Words about Hot Keys

       Sometimes in the middle of a routine task we need to do something creative: to insert a short description, to draw something, or to do some other routine work that AutoClickExtreme can't do yet. Hot keys can solve this problem. All you need to do is make 2 different Records, corresponding to the actions before and after the creative part, and to set hot keys for them (for instance, Ctrl+1 and Ctrl+2). Now to do the work, we press Ctrl+1, carry out the creative part, and then press Ctrl+2. Thus, you will always do the creative work yourself, and all the routine will be left for AutoClickExtreme.
       AutoClickExtreme is, in essence, a macro creator and can certainly help you create macros in Microsoft Excel. No doubt, macros can be made in Excel itself, but the application area will be limited. If you need to take information from different programs and insert the data into Excel, AutoClickExtreme is an excellent choice to do the task. You only need to show the program what applications to launch and where to press or click. AutoClickExtreme can automate Photoshop, Word and any other program as well. Be creative! Try to automate all your computer work.

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