How I Use AutoClickExtreme


(written by Mark Soares)

This is what I think. I guess, this ACE should be among top 5 of most downloaded macros.

This program is for those, who need something fast and effective for routine. If you are someone who never makes mistakes and perfectly knows computers, it may not be useful for you. But if you are just like the rest, this program will help you a lot! I work much with texts, and I have to work with different programs that don't accept each other very well. So I have to do the same changes a lot of times. I use word + notepad + excel + pdf + html + a few others.

I have been searching for macros, and at the beginning I thought this ACE wouldn't work here because it is Russian and my language is Portuguese. But it perfectly accepted my keyboard settings.

The image of 3 options "Rec + Play + Speed" was what I was searching.
The velocity 2 is perfect for a beginner who wants things fast and well done. Some Macros give you the option to change some settings, that make you waste a lot of time (like specific velocity of each action). I may waste a hole week searching for the perfect velocity...
Other macros are simple and easy but don't allow you to change anything. Things are much easier and also safer with ACE.

I discovered, that other macros may do things very fast too, but ACE is the simplest in the Internet. This safety + velocity is what makes my choice for ACE.

ACE helps me to make my own things using different software. Some programs don't allow macros, but ACE works well in them. If I want to download a movie or music at night and when the task is done,
save it to my computer and to the pen drive. Then, when it is done, send someone an e-mail to see the movie with you. Then send you an e-mail, reminding you must see the movie with that person at a
certain time. And then close everything and open another program...

And the most important thing is that the program takes care in order not to do things wrong (send e-mail to other person). It just stops the action... I am not good at doing a lot of tasks at a time, and sometimes things go wrong, but ACE can recognize, that things are different and it stops doing the actions.

When I need to copy and paste text from one place to another, it is necessary to open a document, seek a relevant word, copy from this document and make changes, that always happen when you use different text
programs. In this case ACE does all the heavy lifting, you just need to do it once, use velocity 2 and see, whether anything must be changed or not. It always asks to save old settings, then you just click 1 button and do faster and better macros saving all of them (even if you forget to save the program will ask you to). Even when it is impossible to be done, I can make the work much easier and more secure by asking the program to open a check-list. you can also ask to do it at certain times in specific days. Even to write an e-mail, if there is a pattern that is normally used. ACE is also useful in texts. It can also use several macros concatenated, what helps me a lot.

It is more or less like you have 3 slaves working for you and they don't sleep, and they don't get tired, and they take some care.

Ace always waits for the window you are working with to be opened to keep the task running. When another window is opened (by any reason), the program is interrupted and asks to modify a certain event. In other macro programs you have to edit by your own self after Recording, and it burns the time you want to save. Other macros don't have this option and they may keep doing things you would never do yourself...

It is not something difficult to use, but also allows users to improve their macro over use. A layman can easily click Rec and then Play in the program. I as a beginner in it needed only 2 clicks. I just loved at once these 3 options: PLAY REC SPEED. you don't need a tutorial or think too much about the options to choose. Things can be faster and well done in velocity 2. Just record and always set speed 2 at the beginning, then you can test speed 3, 4 and 5.

I think the program can be used like a person even to do the most important tasks. Just as the keyboard is a person typing faster, than writing with a pen, the program can execute the needed tasks in front of a user in order to maintain quality.

We all suffer disruptions, we must pay attention to other people, get out of where we are and stop our work. But ACE does not, it just makes the task, and if you need it to be made more safely, you can reduce speed and leave the program running.

Moreover, it also facilitates in tasks, which demand creativity.

If someone works with documents, ACE may be one of the most fastest and easy to use. I notice, that people are afraid of new things, so a lot of them don't use automation programs, because they don't understand and fear something they never did before and that they don't know.

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