Smart Autoclicker Will Do All Your Routine Tasks for You.

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If you are tired of routine repetitive actions and want to do only the creative part, a smart autoclicker is what you need!  AutoClickExtreme autoclicker will fully automate your computer! Work that usually takes you half a day or more will be done in minutes!

AutoClickExtreme is designed to be easy to use and 100% reliable! All actions are recorded automatically, no programming required. This clever program combines the simplicity of an ordinary autoclicker with the complexity of a human-like mechanism. AutoClickExtreme finds images on the screen and performs one sequence of actions or another, depending on what image is found. This unique technology provides great features like 100% control of fulfilled tasks and high-speed replay of recorded actions.

AutoClickExtreme’s smart technology senses and adjusts to changes between record and replay conditions. With this smart autoclicker all your macros are sure to be accurate, reliable, and trouble-free.

You don't need to be a programmer to make macros with AutoClickExtreme. Just click on the Record button and do whatever you need. Then, when everything is done, stop the recording by clicking on the blinking icon in the Tray. Your macro is ready. Set the time when you want it to be replayed, and take a rest. Everything will be done for you.


Key Features of AutoClickExtreme Autoclicker

AutoClickExtreme is unique compared to other automation software. It's the most reliable autoclicker in the Internet market. Read about ACE's advantages over its competitors.

We provide professional support. All your AutoClickExtreme questions will be answered, and all your suggestions will be taken into consideration. You will get professional advice about your work automation.
The free trial period is 41 days, during which time you can use both the simple and the professional view. When the trial time expires, you can still use the simple view of the program.

Download AutoClickExtreme free of charge.

AutoClickExtreme is a multi-purpose universal autoclicker. It will save you time and energy by automating all your routine computer tasks. You will do only the creative part, and the rest will be done by AutoClickExtreme. The registered version costs only $49.