About AutoClickExtreme Developers


I'm Denis Safonov, the program developer. I've been working on AutoClickExtreme project for about 5 years, but the idea came to me even earlier, when there were no other automation programs in the Internet. When I started this project, there were only several such programs. Now there are lots of them, but I still believe that AutoClickExtreme is the most reliable of them. It's designed to make routine work easier. I use it myself and I can't imagine my life without it. AutoClickExtreme has done a great deal of work for me. I'm a system administrator, and there are lots of routine tasks in my work. I have to make reports, send inquiries, print answers to them, and the like. Now most of my work is done by AutoClickExtreme. When the new Pixel Control function appeared, I automated image control of already automated processes. Now I'm trying to automate the work of my coworkers, though they are not willing to do this :) But when I manage to persuade them and everything is done as it should be, they see that the program is a real help. They call me "genius", but, you can believe me, my mental abilities are quite ordinary. Maybe, that's the reason why my program is made for ordinary people, not for genius programmers.

The program is called AutoClick Extreme, because it's like extreme sport - to try it you should have some courage and will power. And it makes you feel strong emotions, when you see your computer do your work instead of you. And it's addictive - when you try it once you can't stop automating whatever can be automated and even what can't :)

I try to make AutoClickExtreme as easy-to-use as possible. And I'm always willing to hear any suggestions concerning the program, so that I could make it better. I still have lots of ideas, but too little time to turn them to life. My main work takes most of my time. If you have any suggestions or questions about AutoClickExtreme, you can always email me:  admin@autoclickextreme.com.

Feel free to ask any questions concerning AutoClickExtreme work!