Smart Control (Clever Control)

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Starting from version 3.95 you can use "Smart Control" in AutoClickExtreme. It allows to control application launch, Clipboard, optional variables without making the program complicated. The idea is simple: during Record you can stop the process at any moment by pressing Shift twice and get access to Smart Control panel, which gives a wide range of opportunities.

You can also use the Shift double pressure as a simple pause during Record, to think what and how to record further, to look through some additional information. If you do this without stopping the Record, AutoClickExtreme will try to do the same "unnecessary" actions during Replay. When you are ready to continue the Record, simply presses the button  .

"Smart Control" technology gives access to 4 types of actions

Application Control

Pixel Control

Clipboard control

Variables control

Note. After you have worked with a certain type of actions, the corresponding button becomes green, it means that there are some actions of this type. It's very useful, when you edit Smart Control panel from the Table of Events. In the Table of Events the event, which contains Smart Control, is marked "SC"


If in the Table of events, you click twice on the event with Smart Control, the shown above Smart Control panel appears again.