Window "Stop me "
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          This window shows the current status of the replay process
RPL - number of the current Replay, total number of replays is shown in brackets.
ACT - number of the current action, total number of events in the Record is in brackets.
In the line bellow you can see either the current stage of the task being replayed at the moment (sign "#") or the Pixel Control image, the program is looking for at the moment.
# - compulsory pause
## - search of the window where the current event will be replayed
### - the found window is being brought into the foreground
#### - child window availability control
         When you press the button "Stop", the replay stops.  You can also stop the Replay with the key Escape (in the program being replayed this key pressure is blocked; and this variant is preferable, as it may be difficult to stop the process, when mouse events are being replayed). You can also stop the Replay with the hotkey, on default it's Shift+Alt+S. This combination stops both Replay and Record.