"Change of Event" Window
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          Before event change you should back up the task where you are planning to change an event!
"Change of event" window opens either when you edit events in the Table of events in the professional view, or in case of a Replay failure AutoClickExtreme suggests changing some event parameters. In this case, when the window appears the offered parameter will "blink" (the font size will be changing). If you choose to edit events through the Table to events, you can edit several events at once.
In the left hand upper corner you can see the pictogram of a mouse, this means that this is a mouse event. There are only two possible variants in the "Change of event" dialog box - either a mouse event or a key stroke. A small pictogram to the right shows the exact mouse or keyboard event. For example, this picture shows a double left mouse button click.
The buttons "Previous" and "Next" are made to move to any of these events in the table, the events include key strokes and mouse clicks. Mouse movements, pauses, smart controls are ignored here.

If you check this box, AutoClickExtreme, during Replay, will try to make the corresponding action, but if it fails (a window is not found or blocked, etc.), the Replay will continue from the next event. The box is automatically checked for "release" events - mouse or keyboard button release. This is done, because a button release is unimportant - the main thing is pressing of a button which should be successful.
Main and child window parameters have identical elements: Title, Class name and dropdown list, that regulates the degree of window search strictness. As you know, in Windows OS all mouse and keyboard events are directed to definite windows. These can be either main or child windows. Let's take a detailed look at the calculator window. The entire window is the main window, where child windows are placed like on a platform. That's why mouse clicks on the buttons with numbers will be recorded in AutoClickExtreme with different parameters of main and child windows. But a click between numbers will belong only to the main window, and that's why in the "Change of event" dialog box child window parameters will not be active.

window title - displays (as a rule) text content of the window. For a main window this text content fully coincides with what is written at the top of the window. A child window title is often empty.

class name is usually unique for each window.

the dropdown list which regulates the degree of window search strictness by the title. In AutoClickExtreme there is an advanced algorithm, which automatically defines how strict window search by its title should be : "Exact coincidence" - to replay actions only in a window with the fully coinciding title. "Smart search" - looks for a title with a coinciding left part of the title (omitting characters from the right one by one). "SS + search by the right part" - omits characters one by one both from the right and from the left.

Message coordinate displays click coordinates counting from the left hand upper corner. To understand where the click will be made press the button - the mouse cursor will be placed in that position. Click coordinate may change during Replay, if a window changes its position in comparison to the one during Record. With the help of you can set a random vertical or horizontal variance in click coordinates. When you are setting this value the coordinate variance is defined by a rectangle which shows a possible click range.

Waiting time - is a number of seconds for search of main and child windows during Replay. This value may change automatically in case of a search failure, if a window doesn't appear in time.

CPU shows general processor usage during Record. On default, processor usage is not important during Replay, but you can change the settings in AutoClickExtreme so, that it would control the Replay speed, and CPU usage won't be higher than during Record.

- here you can see the name of the program, where clicks or key strokes were made. The button starts this application. 

Mouse movements are not editable. You can only delete them and record once again if you need. Smart Control events should be edited through other dialog boxes.