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          Bring windows back to the former position (after Replay). During Replay AutoClickExtreme may change positions of some windows or, sometimes, even hide them. So, if this option is checked the program returns all windows to their places, where they were before Replay.
          Set local focus for keystrokes.  AutoClickExtreme always brings into focus the windows it automates. But inside these windows there can be lots of child windows like editing fields. On default, AutoClickExtreme doesn't control which child window should be put into focus, so everything is typed in the child window which was in focus the last time the program worked with the main window. So, on default, during Record you should yourself bother about putting the necessary child window into focus. You can do it by clicking in the necessary window before input from the keyboard. But if this option is checked, AutoClickExtreme will itself identify which child window to bring into focus.
            Control window repainting. If during Record a window was fully repainted, before you made any actions there, so during Replay AutoClickExtreme will wait for the complete window repainting for 1 second and only after that it will make the recorded actions there. This option is not very important if there is a Pixel Control event in the script.
        Pause between events. Everywhere between mouse or keyboard events (pressure or release) you can set a separate compulsory pause, as in some applications at the highest speed some clicks or keystrokes may be omitted. For every created Record you can set separate pause values which will be saved into a Record file.    
           CPU Control during replay. Use this option to monitor the processor capacity during replay, so that it wouldn't be more than the set one:
           if this box is not checked AutoClickExtreme will not be displayed after Replay. You can get access to the program window by clicking on the icon in the Tray. To change this option for the current Record you should go to the professional mode.