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In AutoClickExtreme version 4.52

+0.23 A new unique technology of Replay branching, based on Pixel Control, is realized in this version.

In AutoClickExtreme version 4.28

+0.08 Playlist is modified. It has a new function now - to Replay Records randomly and to repeat them endlessly. Now Records can be Replayed through command line of the following type %ProgramFiles%\AutoClickExtreme\AutoClicker.exe [-play] path\name_playlist.plal or %ProgramFiles%\AutoClickExtreme\AutoClicker.exe [-play] path\name_playlist.aip . If there is option -play, the indicated in the command line Playlist or Record file will be launched to Replay right after booting.

In AutoClickExtreme version 4.24

+0.22 A new Pixel Control technology is realized in this version.

In AutoClickExtreme version 3.98

+0.08 Window search process has completely changed - it is much more flexible now. Autotext work errors have been eliminated. The library of the program Record has been modified - related to it, AutoClickExtreme and operating system holdups have been eliminated. The Play process has been improved - it works faster now. 

In AutoClickExtreme version 3.90

+0,23 The following things are added: control of application launch, Clipboard, optional variables through new technology "Smart Control". Conciderable enlargement of AutoClickExtreme opportunities without depriving it of its simplicity. Adjustment of necessary actions at the stage of Record by making it pause during the necessary event. Press Shift twice during Record, and Smart Control panel will appear in front of You, it gives wide range of opportunities to control application launch, to open Internet sites, to control Windows Clipboard, to use dinamic variables, which are provided by AutoClickExtreme, as well as set by a user.

+0,02 Added specially for the registered users: saving the key into temporary file, which relieves users from the need of entering the key after Windows reload. So it is no need to reinstall AutoClickExtreme after that.