Dos commands, which control AutoClickExtreme
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 Microsoft Windows OS has such a nice thing as command line. If you find time to at least selectively read some chapters of William Stanek’s book "Microsoft Windows Command-Line", you will start loving this instrument as much as I do. Its purport is the following: you can save the so called dos commands as simple text files, give them the "bat" extension and then use these files as programs(!), put in autorun, Scheduler (standard Windows Scheduler, as well as extended Scheduler AutoClickExtreme), Smart Control – Application Management, create shortcuts on desktop, etc. I recommend to use command line for initial testing of examples (Start->Run Cmd.exe Enter)

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Dos commands, which AutoClickExtreme can "understand":

A part of these commands are contained in the file "examples of dos commands.bat", which is copied to the installation folder AutoClickExtreme. While using bat files you need to observe some peculiarities of work with them:

You can also read about useful dos commands in my article Command line – The Command Line Is a Useful Heritage from MS DOS